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Some services think you like having your e-mail box filled with advertising. We do not share that opinion. You will not find a single ad from in your account. We will not commercialize your address and do our utmost best to protect you against spam.

Real Support

You call, we pick-up. We offer a personalized support in Dutch, French and English both by mail and telephone. No automation: concrete answers from real people (with a little Belgian sense of humor …) based in Belgium.

Local & Green

Your data and back-ups are hosted exclusively on green servers in Belgium. We comply with Belgian legislation and local regulations. You thus have a right to consult, rectify and delete your data.

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Our story

It is not normal that so many Internet companies use our personal data in order to profit from it. At, we believe that everyone is entitled to a fundamental right to privacy. So we decided it was time to offer an ad-free email service, hosted on local servers, fully dedicated to offering a mail to Belgians with real personal support, respect for privacy and a top-notch user interface. We do everything in our power to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data. is passionately being developed in Brussels and powered by We are cautious, reliable, stable and honest. We do serious things but try to do this with fun and are on the scene since 1999. Take back control of your email!

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